Surfer Blood Praise ‘Rock Band’ Fans — Top 100 Acts during SXSW 2011

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Surfer Blood available their entrance album, ‘Astro Coast,’ in a Florida bedroom, yet it didn’t forestall their guitar-heavy sound from reaching a indie-rock stratosphere, not to discuss ‘Rock Band.’ In a new talk with Spinner, singer-guitarist John Paul Pitts talked about using himself husky during SXSW, a bizarre start of his band’s name and his affinity for David Lynch.

You were down in Austin for SXSW final year. How did we like cramming all those shows into a few days?

It was unequivocally fun. We stopped in Austin a day early and hung out. we consider we played 13 shows final year. I’d contend we usually played 12, since a 13th one was such a disaster. It was unequivocally fun. We were always using around, lugging a rigging down 6th Street and stuff. we didn’t nap a whole lot, yet it was awesome.


Download Surfer Blood’s ‘Swim’ (MP3) off ‘Astro Coast’ Free

Why didn’t that final uncover work out? Was it only exhaustion?

The final show, we were uncover physically and emotionally exhausted. Maybe we only didn’t caring anymore. I’m not sure. All of a other shows went unequivocally well. We hold it together flattering commendably, we think. We got to play in each opposite form of venue, from a unequivocally good residence celebration with a Grammy-winning rope to an aged bingo gymnasium outward of town. There’s a lot of variety.

The rope has a ’90s-influenced guitar sound. What annals shabby you?

Probably Modest Mouse, ‘The Lonesome Crowded West’; Dinosaur JR., ‘Living all Over Me’ — things along that lines. Pavement, apparently — substantially ‘Watery Domestic’ and ‘Crooked Rain.’ Those are a annals we grew adult listening to. We all listened to a lot of music, yet we consider that’s a common belligerent we share.

I’ve review that we don’t indeed like surfers. Is that true?

No, that’s not unequivocally true. we theory we don’t have anything opposite surfers. Maybe we would if we interacted with them more. we theory we don’t see a lot of surfers, substantially since I’m always on tour. we consider surfing is cool, though. I’d like to try it again sometime. we attempted it a few times when we was younger. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

Where did a name Surfer Blood come from?

It was a drummer Tyler’s idea. He has kind of a uncanny affinity for scrambling things; like, he’ll try and use vernacular expressions, yet he’ll never get them right. They’ll always be off, so they’ll sound kind of interesting. You unequivocally have to know a male before we can know what he’s perplexing to say.

We were all on a highway outing adult in Gainesville to do a few shows. We packaged some bags quickly. He had this uncanny paraphernalia, this unequivocally nonsensical bag that was, like, Rip Curl or something uncanny — some super “surfer dude” thing to have. we was creation fun of him for it. Somehow, he came adult with, “C’mon, man, we cant make fun of me. It’s in my blood, man. I’ve got surfer blood.” we suspicion that was unequivocally cool. We unequivocally were only going to use it for a strain pretension or something, yet it finished adult apropos a rope name.

You’re entrance out with a new EP this year. How is it entrance along?

We’ve been operative non-stop. We’ve been in a studio flattering most each day tracking. Right now, we’re doing guitar and vocals. It sounds unequivocally good. The stroke territory sounds unequivocally tight, and we got a lot of unequivocally good takes. I’d a songs are some-more focused than some of a things on ‘Astro Coast,’ that is all over a place in so many directions. I’d contend since it’s an EP, it unequivocally has a ability to be some-more focused, maybe, yet there still a lot of accumulation in it.

The final recording was unequivocally low-budget. A lot of people report it as lo-fi. How would we report it?

It was kind of bizarre when people attempted to pile us into a lo-fi category, since we were never indeed going for that on ‘Astro Coast.’ It’s radically a bedroom recording. We had a lot of stipulations and not a lot of money. we still consider a songs sound large on that. ‘Swim’ is a outrageous song. It’s flattering cold that we could do that in a bedroom.

There is a strain called ‘Twin Peaks’ on ‘Astro Coast.’ Are we a David Lynch fan? Which of his cinema had an change on you?

Yeah, we do like David Lynch. we theory we unequivocally have kind of an connection to ‘Eraserhead.’ It was a initial David Lynch film we ever saw, when we was in a 8th grade. I’m flattering certain I’d never seen anything like that before.

Your strain ‘Floating Vibes’ done it onto a video diversion ‘Rock Band.’ Is it uncanny for something like that to happen?

Yeah, we consider I’ve seen a YouTube video of dual 12-year-old kids perplexing to play ‘Floating Vibes’ on ‘Rock Band’ and we suspicion that was flattering cool.

Is that unequivocally how we found out about it?

Nah, we was only joking. we was not unequivocally against to it. There’s zero wrong with bands chartering songs to video games and TV shows or something like that. There was a time when a lot of fans would have a outrageous problem with that, that arrange of model, yet in this day and age, nobody buys records. There’s a lot of things we don’t do, since we consider it’s stupid, yet chartering a strain for things that’s off your record, we consider that’s fine. You use each entrance we can to make income and keep creation records, generally immature bands that are perplexing to mangle by and get exposure.

For immature bands, it helps mangle by to new audiences. There’s a outrageous opening between a unequivocally savvy indie throng and kids who go to high propagandize in, we don’t know, Clearwater, Fla. I’m not going spin down some child who listened my strain on ‘Rock Band’ since he didn’t hear it from somewhere cooler.

Watch Surfer Blood Perform ‘Swim’ on a Interface

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