VIDEO: Meet a Russian stone rope that has gigs on a behind of a relocating motorbike

Moscow-based musician Alexander Ishutin isn’t your normal Mick Jagger wannabe. He really wants to set himself detached from a rest of a wouldbe rocknrollas. Somehow, with a tool and a wrench or two, he’s managed it — interjection to his “bangwagon”, a motorbike and sidecar mod that boasts room for a (nearly) full drumkit, a [...]

UES hosts rope brawl

Williamsburg might be home to indie rock, though a subterraneous song stage seems to have taken a Lexington Avenue demonstrate uptown — for tonight, during least. That’s where a Upper East Side Music Festival’s second annual Battle of a Bands takes place, showcasing some-more than 25 unsigned groups. In a end, it isn’t unequivocally about [...]

Guitar Hero authorization doesn’t need an encore

French thinker Roland Barthes once said: “The illegitimate form of mass enlightenment is flustered exercise … always new books, new programs, new films, news items, though always a same meaning.” Activision pulled a block on a Guitar Hero authorization this week, cancelling any destiny instalments in a mythological array of fakeplastic-instrument stroke games. The 32-year-old [...]

City Room: Eggs, Over Easy, Scrambled or Smiling

Who doesn’t like to play with food? Bill Wurtzel, a jazz guitarist, is branch a hobby into a new art form that also delivers a amicable message. Mr. Wurtzel, a late promotion male who lives on a Upper West Side, was featured in Thursday’s Experience Necessary mainstay in The Times for his guitar chops (he [...]

Local Band In Remembrance Set to Rock Sunset Grille Tonight

Alt-rock rope In Remembrance will perform during 9 p.m. tonight, Saturday, Mar. 5 during a Sunset Grille on Columbia Pike. The Woodbridge-based party assimilated army in 2008 “to respect any member of a armed army who has fought for a rights and freedom.” Lead thespian and acoustic guitarist Nick Letendre and his rope (lead guitarist [...]

Jones River Landing Mardi Gras Saturday

Laissez les bons temps rouler (Let a good times roll) during Jones River Landing in Kingston Saturday, starting during 6:30 p.m. Mar 5. Look brazen to a large night of feeling Cajun song and dancing, beads and masks, sharp Jambalaya and glacial drinks, and feeling good. It’s time for a fifth annual Mardi Gras advantage [...]