Indie bands get a spotlight in The JD Set Philippines

MANILA, Philippines — It’s tough adequate to make a symbol in a song industry, even some-more so when you’re an eccentric band. With earthy manuscript shares during a low and record bars shutting shop, there’s an even bigger need to find other ways for both determined and non-established bands to get their song out. The [...]

Editorial: Battle of bands to advantage propagandize song programs

In a insane lurch for income for propagandize activities, most of a courtesy is focused on core classroom programs and a large and renouned sports. Classes, that a lot of times are partial of compulsory curriculum, and sports control a lot of a arguments about appropriation from a clearly ever-dwindling pool of money. Elective classes [...]

Heavy duty

Times competence change and trends competence come and go, though some sounds will never be influenced by fashion. Funky British outfit Brand New Heavies competence have started out as pioneers of ‘Acid Jazz’ but their interest has never waned. Dubai’s scenesters will get a possibility to find out how undying their tunes are when they play [...]

Roderick B. Palmer and ‘Dirty’ Walter Kibby Celebrate The Year Of The Dragon

By: David Carr Photos By: Year Of The Dragon Take dual Black stone veterans from Los Angeles and put them in one bomb band, and not usually do we have a Black History Month jubilee we competence attend, though we also have a good subterraneous indie rope NOT from Echo Park or Silverlake!  Roderick B. [...]

Painted by Elephants — a new band? No, guitars being readied for Ronnie James …

 Now here’s a instrument for a complicated stone backer with roughly everything: a one-of-a-kind electric guitar tradition embellished by palm … er, case … by Asian elephants. In a partnership that would seem to be a no-brainer, Wendy Dio, a widow of Black Sabbath and Dio thespian Ronnie James Dio, who died final year of [...]

The Guitar That Launched The Beatles

“Love Me Do,” The Beatles’ first-ever single, announced a series in stone and roll. The fresh-faced Liverpudlians — Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr — sounded like zero else on British radio in Oct 1962. As Harrison remembered in The Beatles Anthology: “First conference ‘Love Me Do’ on a radio sent me shivery all over. It [...]