Old VS New

We’ve entered a 80s this week: large hair, large shoulders, and large music. Yes, a 80s was a glittery decade full of excess. However, by all a hairspray and Trans-Ams, a few mythological musicians arose. There were a lot of unequivocally large bands that carried on from a 70s into a 80s—like Queen and Journey. [...]

Rock stars have tough time gripping healthy on a road

TORONTO — A few years ago, Canadian stone legends Fred Turner and Randy Bachman motionless they would strike a highway for another debate together, though Turner had a problem. He was in his mid-60s and — with years spent divided from a self-evident open eye — he had watched his weight bloat to over 300 [...]

Arctic Monkeys recover summer 2011 debate dates

Yesterday (March 7th) a English indie-rock rope Arctic Monkeys announced a summer 2011 debate that will take a boys from North America to a UK. The US apportionment of a debate starts on May 17th in Washington, DC and continues until their uncover in Los Angeles, California on Jun 3rd. The North America debate will [...]

Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger to perform during Great Allentown Fair – The Express Times

Published: Tuesday, Mar 08, 2011, 12:24 PM     Updated: Tuesday, Mar 08, 2011, 12:34 PM By Dustin Schoof | The Express-Times Follow Share Email Print MySpace.com PhotoClassic stone rope Foreigner, pictured, will join Journey and Night Ranger for a Aug. 31 unison during The Great Allentown Fair.Don’t stop believing. Journey is entrance to Allentown. The [...]

The Raveonettes Get Darker, Hopeful on ‘Raven’ — Top 100 Acts of SXSW 2011

Soeren Solkaer Starbird Toward a finish of a ’00s, a indie universe went psycho for ‘Psychocandy,’ and any guitar rope with entrance to electricity unexpected started creation strain suggestive of that landmark Jesus and Mary Chain album. While a multiple of Ronettes hooks and oppressive feedback has put bands like Vivian Girls and A Place [...]

Mike Stern Joins a JazzMN Orchestra, Mar 12th

“For me, jazz does not indispensably meant that it’s improved given it’s some-more complicated. we listen some-more from a heart for whatever gets me; infrequently it can be a simplest diatonic, one-chord thing with a elementary tune that only grabs me.” –Mike Stern   A six-time Grammy nominee, jazz-fusion guitarist Mike Stern is a connoisseur [...]