Metro Minute with a Shakey Aches – Metro Canada

Your goal currently is to make space on your calendar on Friday to check out a genuine and raw, internal stone band, a Shakey Aches, fronted by internal Metro reader Mathew Clare, who says he reads a paper on a train on his invert into work. Clare, who sings and plays guitar, and his rope [...]

Different Strokes

FOR only a day a Strokes have left dandy. In white tie and black, a final defiantly downtown stone rope collected here a few weeks ago to fire a video for their new single, “Under Cover of Darkness.” Set in a gilded 1930s film palace with fraying edges, it was a formidable affair. For a [...]

Army Jazz Ambassadors to play Strings Music Pavilion in Steamboat

Advertisement Steamboat Springs — More than soldiers of a United States Army, and some-more than musicians in a top-tier jazz band, a 20 members of a Army Jazz Ambassadors transport a nation bringing a birthright and story of a nation to life with Dixieland, big-band and nationalistic favorites. Sgt. 1st Class Adam Getz, an Army [...]

THS jazz rope lifting supports for outing to competition in New York

The Highlighters, Temple High School’s premiere jazz band, are masters of slit and improvisation, according to executive Brent Mathensen. That talent led a rope to a 16th annual Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Band Competition and Festival during Lincoln Center in New York City. The Highlighters is one of 15 high propagandize jazz bands, and [...]

Best Cover Band

There contingency be some sorcery dirt blustering from those amps and horns. As usual, a musty fellas from Plane Jane racked adult another cover rope win. You can find some-more information during .

New CDs on a Way From Earth Quaker and Taylor Brown

The precocious, immature internal hard-rock rope 1220 has been on an unaccepted interregnum for a final several months, though 3 of a 5 members have stayed copiousness bustling with a new organisation Earth Quaker. After usually a few months together, a new rope is scheming to recover a initial CD. “We started out as a [...]