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When a Fresh and Onlys were recording songs on cassettes to give to their friends, they had no suspicion their fun plan would spin into a bone-fide band. A integrate of those tapes landed in a hands of their low-pitched contemporaries, and a pop-rock rope fast finished a name, releasing a series of albums and EPs and personification sold-out shows around a country.

Founded by bassist Shade Sartin and thespian and categorical songwriter Tim Cohen — both music-biz vets — a rope plays a multiple of garage stone and jangly pop, with some good ol’ stone ‘n’ hurl on a side. At this year’s SXSW, a celebration — dull out by guitarist Wymond Miles and drummer Kyle Gibson — will perform songs from a arriving ‘Secret Walls’ EP, due out Apr 26. Before streamer to Austin, Sartin spoke with Spinner about a new EP, his favorite day pursuit and given he thinks people can be overly thespian about a song industry.

How did a rope get together?

We only got together and played song and drank drink and started essay songs, that indeed happens when we run out of suggestive things to do in life. It’s a unequivocally standard story.

When we started a Fresh and Onlys, did we consider it would lead to a success and regard that you’ve perceived so far?

We suspicion it was going to be a thing that we did where we available and finished tapes and sole them. When we initial started doing it faster than we do things now, though we did it though a goal or suspicion than offered cassettes to a friends. We didn’t’ even consider we’d play live or debate or anything like that.

When did things start to spin around and go from something we did for fun to an tangible operative band?

Probably dual people had a palm in that — John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees and Kelley Stoltz. We gave them song we had finished and said, “Hey, check out what me and Tim have been doing. This is given we didn’t go to work.” [laughs] After we gave them these tapes, we had only left on a tour, personification drum for this other band. On a initial night of that tour, John Dwyer called me and said, “Hey man, if we wish me to put out your record …” And we was like, “We don’t unequivocally have a record in a can, though yeah, we can make we one.” So that’s what we did.

Where did a name come from?

One of a strange inspirations for this was Grace Cooper of a Sandwitches. She’s a flattering unusual person, and we couldn’t come adult with a rope name. Then one day, we asked her what we should call a band, and she ranted off about 40 things. Then somewhere she mentioned “Fresh and Onlys,” and we suspicion it had a unequivocally vampiric arrange of polar-psychosexual sound to it. we favourite that given we always consider vampires are humorous and goofy, given we don’t take that things seriously.

When did we get into music?

I played my initial uncover when we was 15. we played in punk bands in high school. This was a prolonged time ago — 1991, maybe early 1992. Back then, it was apparently unequivocally different, before a Internet. we lived in farming Florida, and song was a thing that showed me there was some-more to life than operative during a refrigeration place we was operative during in high school. It helped me comparison a heedfulness of a ostensible pleasures of high school. I’ve been a ton of bands, and we started furloughed when we was 17 — all unsuccessful, comfortless bands riddled with drugs and/or insecurities.

Aside from a Fresh and Onlys, we also had a pursuit a Amoeba Music. Do we still work there now?

Oh yeah. we adore it there. we don’t have a enterprise to leave. Thank God they still keep me around. Me and Tim both work there, and God knows they have had each event to glow us. They’re good people, and a owners are great. They have a unequivocally successful business, an they run it wisely.

You’ve been in bands given we were a teen and now work during a record store. What have we schooled about a song business and being a musician?

I never had any illusions. we never had any nonessential dreams about stone ‘n’ hurl music. we never approaching a singular thing. For me, a record store is a source of removing what we listen to. To this day, we haven’t downloaded any music, not that we have anything opposite downloading. we consider downloading is a unequivocally good thing. But I’ve been advantageous adequate to come from a time when we had a small peek of what personification punk stone and indie stone was like when a Minutemen were booming in record stores. we reason that sorcery tighten to me so that we never forget. Since then, examination a changes is awesome, though we consider people make it some-more thespian than it indeed was, like how a Internet [is] defining what indie stone and punk stone song is now. It’s not bad. It’s only different.

You’ve been to SXSW countless times. What’s a best partial about it?

The thing we demeanour brazen to privately is personification these new songs. We have been rehearsing and have a collection of new songs that are unequivocally pleasing and unequivocally a step brazen for us. We never demeanour during SXSW as a approach to get ahead. For us, it’s a approach to see all of a friends for a week. It’s only like camp, we know. You go to camp, and we play and see other bands and other bands see you, and [you] get to hang out with other people who aren’t indispensably in song and celebration with. That’s unequivocally critical and fun, given it lightens a heart of a whole song attention and whole song world. It’s unequivocally f—ing cold and unequivocally fun.

Watch The Fresh and Onlys’ Video for ‘Waterfall’

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