Watch: Great Trailer for Short Film from Spike Jonze & Arcade Fire

Watch: Great Trailer for Spike Jonze Arcade Fire’s New Short Film

March 14, 2011
Source: The Film Stage
by Ethan Anderton

Scenes from a Suburbs

The normal listener might not have famous many about a indie stone band Arcade Fire before their Album of a Year win during a Grammys not too prolonged ago, yet a Internet was in quite an uproar about a victory. Meanwhile, we’ve been fans for awhile, and looked brazen to their rumored involvement with The Box even yet it never happened. However, now we indeed have a film plan of theirs to demeanour brazen to with a trailer for Scenes from a Suburbs, a brief film created by a integrate of a rope members and destined by Spike Jonze, a shining mind behind films like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. Watch below!

We can’t unequivocally be certain what to design from a trailer, yet it feels like a gritty, real-life sci-fi crack not distinct District 9 or Monsters and that has me positively riveted. Jonze is one of a many singular minds operative in film today, and operative with a rope like Arcade Fire has yielded certain formula previously. As a matter of fact, we might get an ever improved thought of a impulse and character behind this new brief film by holding a demeanour during a stellar song video for The Suburbs, a pretension lane off a band’s many new manuscript on that a film is based. The brief will be personification during South by Southwest this week (see Jeremy’s coverage here), and will go straight-to-DVD during a after date, so keep an eye out for it. Thoughts?

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