The Short-But-Sweet Interview: The Dwarves’ Blag Dahlia

Few complicated day stone bands are as indeterminate and confrontational on theatre as the Dwarves are. 

Known for an over-the-top live act that involves a thespian (Blag Dahlia) who never thinks twice to brew it adult with a assembly and a guitarist (HeWhoCannotBeNamed) who enjoys behaving usually in a facade and small else, a rope is set to applaud their 25th anniversary with a new album, The Dwarves Are Born Again, that arrives on May 3 around a MVD Entertainment Group.

Recently, Blag was bold adequate to bear “The Short-But-Sweet Interview” with UGO. 

UGO: Who are some of a special guest you’ve fabricated for Born Again?

Blag Dahlia: Dexter Holland, Spike Slawson, Eric Valentine, Gary Owens, Nick Oliveri,
and Dwarves alumni like Sgt. Saltpeter, Vadge Moore. It’s a expel of thousands!

UGO: How was it recording once some-more with former Dwarves Vadge Moore and Sgt. Saltpeter?

Blag Dahlia: Brilliant, they keep removing some-more wandering as a years hurl on. Especially
Vadge! He is a man who did all a things fans suspicion we did.

UGO: What are a amicable ramifications of titling a strain “I Masturbate Me”?

Blag Dahlia: We can be indicted of excess on that title, though a strain is by Josh
Freese, nonetheless another luminary strain man we fooled into personification on a record.

UGO: Who is a petite lady who adjourns a Dwarves’ album

Blag Dahlia: Bobby Faust Rock Legend. Known as New York’s Finest. He certain digs them exposed chicks!

UGO: As settled in a strain pretension “The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever,” what accurately creates a Dwarves “The Best Band Ever”?

Blag Dahlia: 25 years though government or handlers. A loyal punk rope that can indeed play. Records that get improved instead of worse. Let’s face it, we’re not usually a best rope ever. We’re a usually rope left!

UGO: I’ve review that we used to be accessible with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Any standout stories of unresolved out with them?

Blag Dahlia: I remember being thrown out of a sauce room by Courtney’s handlers in SF, we consider we was dipsomaniac or something. Never spoke most to Kurt, though he did like to fire that bone-head didn’t he? Is there any genuine disproportion between Guns N’ Roses and Nirvana? Call me if we figure it out.

UGO: In past interviews, we haven’t dark saying your affinity for cocaine. How most heroin would we theory you’ve consumed over a years?

Blag Dahlia: Drugs are bad, though giveaway drugs kindle a economy, during slightest of Peru. Why is it that when black people fume coke it’s called crack, though when white people do it they call it freebase? Food for thought.

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