Arctic Monkeys Release Music Video

‘Brick by Brick’ Music Video Released for a Latest Online Track by a Arctic Monkeys English Indie stone band, Arctic Monkeys, have usually debuted a strain video for ‘Brick by Brick’. This latest singular has usually been expelled online on a band’s website The video shows a lady unresolved out during home personification a [...]

Funk-rock rope Primus entrance to Charleston

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Dredg announce US headlining debate with ancillary act The Dear Hunter

Today (March 7th), American progressive/alternative stone rope dredg announced a month prolonged summer 2011 U.S. headlining debate that will start May 3rd in Los Angeles, CA and have ancillary acts The Dear Hunter, Balance and Composure, and Trophy Fire on a bill. Dredg will be furloughed in support of their arriving manuscript Chuckles And Mr. [...]

White Hills Play ‘In-Your-Face’ Space Rock — Top 100 Acts during SXSW 2011

Jefferson Airplane are unequivocally successful to me in my growth as a guitar player. Personally, outward of a fact that those were bands from a ’60s that forsaken a lot of acid, we don’t indispensably cruise Jefferson Airplane to be super psychedelic, nor do we cruise Jimi Hendrix to be super psychedelic, nor do we [...]

Hey, hey! The Monkees are going behind on tour

When The Monkees final strike a highway together 10 years ago things didn’t go so well. Guitarist Peter Tork quit nearby a end, after revelation a press that Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz were celebration to a indicate that they became “mean and abusive.” In 2009 Jones told a National Enquirer that he had no [...]

Neil Patrick Harris Plays Rock Band With Some Smurfs

Here’s a indicate from a latest Entertainment Weekly that shows Neil Patrick Harris Rock Banding Out with a Smurfs. There’s a Scottish Smurf, a bespectacled Smurf and… I’d contend there’s a Smurf who pokes his tongue out, though it looks like they’re all poking their tongues out. we theory Bachelor Number 3 is only a [...]