Sick Puppies to move a stone to hip-hop/pop Blizzard Tour

What do Sick Puppies have in common with Nelly, 3OH!3 and Cali Swag District? Not much, solely they’re all on a Blizzard Music Tour 5.0, which will stop Saturday during a Pershing Center. Sick Puppies is a stone rope from Australia. Nelly’s a rapper from St. Louis, 3OH!3 is an electro-pop twin from Boulder, Colo., [...]

Canadian Rock Band Considers Cashing In On competence shortly be on a auction block. Registered in 1993, won’t hail we with messages from a Founding Fathers or speak of supervision overreach. Instead you’ll see reunion debate dates for a Canadian stone band, The Tea Party, and a note: “No politics… only stone and roll.” Bloomberg Businessweek‘s Joshua Green, who spoke [...]

Indie stone rope Thursday to perform Nov. 27 during Turner Hall

Sept. 26, 2011 |(0) Comments The New Jersey-based rope Thursday will perform a Nov. 27 uncover during Turner Hall Ballroom, 1032 N. 4th St. Tickets to a 8 p.m. uncover go on sale during noon Friday, Sept. 30. General acknowledgment tickets are $15 during a Pabst and Riverside box offices,, and during (414) 286-3663.

The tip 10 song games of all time

Editor’s note: Scott Steinberg is a conduct of record and video diversion consulting organisation TechSavvy Global, as good as a owner of GameExec repository and Game Industry TV. This story was blending from his new e-book, “Music Games Rock: Rhythm Gaming’s Greatest Hits of All Time.” (CNN) — By a late 2000s, music-themed games had [...]

Young locals perform dreams in stone band

Kayla Bell • Originally published Mar 3, 2011 during midnight, updated Mar 3, 2011 during midnight Enlarge Photo » Enlarge Photo » Enlarge Photo » MEET THE BAND n Lead thespian Josh Moya, 16, attends East High School n Bass guitarist Michael Petrash, 17, attends St. Joseph High School n Guitarist Tyler Tatom, 17, is [...]

Tea Party domain name could make stone rope rich

A little-known Canadian rope might shortly be paid a happening by supporters of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry. More than a decade after their biggest hit, a Tea Party are deliberation offered a domain name to supporters of a American domestic movement, with analysts estimating a value during “well over” $1m (£635,885). [...]