Ready to Rock But No Band

BY SUMATHI REDDY AND TAMER EL-GHOBASHY Fans of a rope Radiohead flocked to Zuccotti Park on Friday following a gossip that appears to have been fueled by a twitter from Gawker’s handler: “Is Radiohead Going to Play for Wall Street Protesters Today?” After a tweet, there was acknowledgment that a “surprise” unison would take place [...]

VIDEO: Meet a Russian stone rope that has gigs on a behind of a relocating motorbike

Moscow-based musician Alexander Ishutin isn’t your normal Mick Jagger wannabe. He really wants to set himself detached from a rest of a wouldbe rocknrollas. Somehow, with a tool and a wrench or two, he’s managed it — interjection to his “bangwagon”, a motorbike and sidecar mod that boasts room for a (nearly) full drumkit, a [...]

Local Band In Remembrance Set to Rock Sunset Grille Tonight

Alt-rock rope In Remembrance will perform during 9 p.m. tonight, Saturday, Mar. 5 during a Sunset Grille on Columbia Pike. The Woodbridge-based party assimilated army in 2008 “to respect any member of a armed army who has fought for a rights and freedom.” Lead thespian and acoustic guitarist Nick Letendre and his rope (lead guitarist [...]

Depeche Mode and Death Cab to float opposite Rock Band subsequent week

Earlier this week, Rock Band fans got a possibility to slit all night prolonged with 4 classical Nine Inch Nails tracks. The Rock Band library will shortly ring out with a likes of dual acclaimed bands that make their coming in this shred for a really initial time. Depeche Mode enters with 3 container songs [...]

Sick Puppies to move a stone to hip-hop/pop Blizzard Tour

What do Sick Puppies have in common with Nelly, 3OH!3 and Cali Swag District? Not much, solely they’re all on a Blizzard Music Tour 5.0, which will stop Saturday during a Pershing Center. Sick Puppies is a stone rope from Australia. Nelly’s a rapper from St. Louis, 3OH!3 is an electro-pop twin from Boulder, Colo., [...]

Canadian Rock Band Considers Cashing In On competence shortly be on a auction block. Registered in 1993, won’t hail we with messages from a Founding Fathers or speak of supervision overreach. Instead you’ll see reunion debate dates for a Canadian stone band, The Tea Party, and a note: “No politics… only stone and roll.” Bloomberg Businessweek‘s Joshua Green, who spoke [...]