Big Time Astrology: A Classic Bjork Interview By Jon Savage Posing for photographs in a studio high above Covent Garden, Björk is accurately like her design — a tiny taller, perhaps, yet all else is in place: pigtails, high-contrast clothing, fresh-faced innocence, generous sexuality. Bouncing around in yellow sneakers, pinkish paper trousers and a red T-shirt with Coke-style lettering (ENJOY COCK!), she is each [...]

Plaza provides a lot of crash for the bucks

Judging by a construction debate of Windsor’s new festival stage, a building is going to change a approach residents suffer their many critical county space. A walking surveillance -covered by a canopy, illuminated during night, with railings, benches and street-level entrance from Riverside Drive -is partial of a considerable new trickery holding figure on Windsor’s [...]

Asobi Seksu Are ‘Contentious’ Songwriters — Top 100 Acts of SXSW 2011

Polyvinyl Records Nearly each story created about Asobi Seksu contains a difference “casual sex” — a Japanese interpretation of a band’s name — and “shoegaze,” a genre tab this New York City organisation has never been means to shake. While people might consider they have Asobi Seksu figured out, initial twin James Hanna (guitar) and [...]

Roderick B. Palmer and ‘Dirty’ Walter Kibby Celebrate The Year Of The Dragon

By: David Carr Photos By: Year Of The Dragon Take dual Black stone veterans from Los Angeles and put them in one bomb band, and not usually do we have a Black History Month jubilee we competence attend, though we also have a good subterraneous indie rope NOT from Echo Park or Silverlake!  Roderick B. [...] – Jose Gonzalez to perform in Munich – Jose Gonzalez to perform in Munich Published on: Mar 7th, 2011 06:05am by: hotel_guru (1) Print This Release | Tell a Friend | Discuss This Press Release (OPENPRESS) Mar 07, 2011 — Munich’s Herkulessaal unison venue will horde a special eventuality featuring Jose Gonzalez after this month. The singer-songwriter is due to perform [...]

Gang of Four

Any self respecting punk historian will pleasure in revelation you, while fingering their well-worn vinyl duplicate of Entertainment!, that Gang Of Four were one of a many critical bands there during a birth of a scene. The splendid flush sleeve, somewhat asocial exclamation indicate and a name itself – Gang Of Four – all suggested [...]