Metal Marc rocks out with his idols

Metal Marc rocks out with his idols 9:30am Saturday 5th Mar 2011 Print Email Share Comments(0) UNTIL now, a biggest uncover musician Marc Hudson has played has been his internal pub. So a 24-year-old BMW workman can be forgiven for feeling shaken about his subsequent live uncover – ancillary one of a biggest bands on [...]

Decapitated Issues Recording Studio Update

Decapitated Issues Recording Studio Update Band Photo: Decapitated (?) Polish technical genocide steel rope Decapitated is now operative during Radio Gdansk Studio in Poland, recording a band’s Nuclear Blast entrance and follow-up to 2006’s “Organic Hallucinosis.” Guitarist first member Wacek “Vogg” Kieltyka checks in once again from a studio: “Hi Everyone! We are half-way by [...]

Forbidden Guitarist Releases Signature 6 And 7 String BC Rich Guitars

Forbidden Guitarist Releases Signature 6 And 7 String BC Rich Guitars Forbidden guitarist Steve Smyth has expelled a following proclamation about releasing his signature 6 and 7 fibre BC Rich “Bich” guitars: “After scarcely 3 years of bid put in, we am happy to announce that my BC Rich signature array guitars have been released. [...]

Hair steel rope plays final show

LaSalles set a motion capacitor behind 30 years Wednesday when tribute rope Hair, Gin Tonic played one final set before retiring their leopard skin tights for good. After some-more than 6 years of belting out ’80s hair steel classics, the disbandment wasn’t anything one would see on “Behind The Music.” It was some-more an emanate [...]

Metal thespian Girish Pradhan wins Yamaha Asian Beats contest

The win has warranted Girish a pretension ‘best vocalist in a country’ in a stone genre. In Jul this year, Girish and his rope done a path-breaking opening during a Montenegro International Suncane Skale Festival in Europe. The prestigious “Yamaha Asian Beats 2011” foe was hold during a Kyra MP Theatre in Bangalore on Aug [...]

BLOOD MORTIZED Adds Second Guitarist, Prepares To Record New Album – Mar. 4, 2011

BLOOD MORTIZED — a Swedish genocide steel rope featuring former AMON AMARTH guitarist Anders “Hansson” Biazzi (who played on AMON AMARTH‘s initial dual albums, 1996′s “Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds” and 1998′s “Once Sent From The Golden Hall”) and CRYPT OF KERBEROS drummer Mattias Borgh — has announced a further of guitarist Gustaf Myrin (PATHALOG, [...]