"American Idiot" National Tour Auditions This Saturday

Don’t be an American simpleton by blank a possibility to try-out for a Tony Award-nominated low-pitched on Mar 5 By TAYLOR FRIEDMAN Updated 5:14 PM PST, Thu, Mar 3, 2011 | Print Share Tweet Singers, start practicing your scales. Open auditions for a inhabitant debate of “American Idiot,” a Tony Award-nominated low-pitched on Broadway, will [...]

What’s Up, Van Hughes? The American Idiot Rocker On Taking a Jump From …

For a past year, Van Hughes has sat in a wings of a St. James Theatre as a standby for American Idiot’s 3 heading roles. Now, as a slew of new expel members join Green Day’s stone opera, Hughes (a maestro of 9 to 5 and Hairspray) has been called adult to a large time [...]

Roundup: My Morning Jacket, Soul Asylum, Soundgarden

This week’s roundup finds some aged artists returning to work after a reunion, some other aged artists returning to work after everybody forgot about their existence, and some new artists finally removing behind in a studio to record a new album. For fans of stone music, there could be some good releases to demeanour brazen [...]

Frank Turner Talks to Stereoboard about His Forthcoming UK Tour and a New …

Anyone informed with Frank Turner’s work to date would roughly positively determine with a opinion that he is The Rock Music Fan’s Folk Singer. His initial 3 solo albums – ‘Sleep is for a Week’, ‘Love Ire and Song’ and 2009’s ‘Poetry of a Deed’ – were filled with a horde of rock-friendly folk and [...]

XBLM in March: Lara Croft deals, MvC3 and Dragon Age 2 DLC, giveaway Gold weekend

Major Nelson has posted highlights from a Xbox Live Marketplace report for March. First up, a Dragon Age 2 “Black Emporium” DLC — giveaway to those who squeeze new copies of a game — will land on Mar 8 for 800 points ($10). Second, as promised, reward characters Jill and Shuma Gorath will be accessible [...]

TELEFUNKEN Donates Limited Edition M80 Mics for ZERO Band Benefit

More Related Stories email article print page <![CDATA[ ]]> Singer Judge Murphy Battling Liver Cancer March 01, 2011 — DMN Newswire–2011-3-1–Celebrated San Francisco rope Zero is behaving a advantage unison and TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is donating 6 of a company’s acclaimed energetic M80 microphones, now a favorite theatre mic for bands such as Green Day and [...]