Punk bluegrass in Salt Lake and Par…

I know many people are focused on saving their pennies to see Lady Gaga on Saturday and afterwards Bon Jovi a following Tuesday, though this week we should try to check out a up-and-coming “punk bluegrass” rope Old Man Markley.

The rope performs during Burt’s Tiki Lounge on Wednesday and a Sidecar in Park City on Thursday. Both shows start during 9 p.m. and tickets are $6.

The group’s many new manuscript is called “Guts ‘n Teeth,” and debuted during No. 8 on Billboard’s Bluegrass Chart. The rope shaped in 2007 in California’s San Fernando Velley with members of LA’s punk bands and a integrate of bluegrass musicians.

Check them out during http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIdpyBnCa5U

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