Meet The Pretty Reckless In New York City!

Come applaud a earthy recover of The Pretty Reckless’ entrance manuscript on Apr 12th in New York City. The rope will be behaving and assembly fans during a special in-store during Best Buy Union Square. Fans can squeeze a duplicate of a manuscript during a store to benefit entrance to a opening and a CD signing after a show.

Light Me Up debuted on a UK’s stone draft during #1, spending 6 uninterrupted weeks during a tip of a chart. The singular debuted on a categorical draft during #6. The video for a concentration track, “Just Tonight” can be noticed during The songs are all created by Momsen, her writer Kato Khandwala (Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, All Time Low) and guitarist Ben Phillips.

“Her deep purr, set opposite a choppy lead kink of her band, showed off a arrange of rage that done Courtney Love famous. Except that Momsen sounded clearer and finer than Love ever could.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The lady can unequivocally belt out a tune. She’s got a gutsy, appealingly tender and grainy alto that puts her in a same association as Courtney Love and a immature Sass Jordan.” – The Toronto Star

“Once Momsen shakes that Gossip Girl notice and some-more people give her rope a shot, The Pretty Reckless competence infer to be accurately what a female-fronted stone rope niche has been looking for.” – The Dallas Observer

“The Pretty Reckless sounds like a hard-bitten bar rope fronted by a lady who has to be aged adequate to have roomed with Courtney Love in Seattle in a ’90s.” – The Houston Press

“Momsen’s theatre participation is magnetic.” – Phoenix New Times

“Fans awaiting a shot of saccharine, burble resin cocktail from The Pretty Reckless will be astounded during a rough-hewn sound of a band; Momsen’s some-more Courtney Love than Miranda Cosgrove.” – The Detroit News

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