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If there’s one thing a Death Set wanted some-more than to put out their music, it was to get out and indeed play it live. In 2005, co-founders Johnny Siera and Beau Velasco packaged adult a outpost with self-produced CDs, grabbed whatever money they had and illuminated out from Australia’s Gold Coast. Somehow, they finished their approach around a world, personification small kitchens, deserted warehouses and anywhere else they could. Their devil-may-care, party-all-the-time opinion shortly held a courtesy of bands like Ninjasonik, Dan Deacon and Girl Talk, who not customarily became their friends, though began holding them on tour.

After releasing their entrance album, ‘Worldwide,’ in 2008, a Death Set were hyped by a NME and dubbed “Best Live Band” by a Baltimore City Paper. While they distinguished their fame, Velasco died in 2009, a tragedy Siera still has a formidable time articulate about. With complicated hearts and lots of inspiration, a rope recruited drummer Jahphet Landis and Aussie expat guitarist Dan Walker and available ‘Michel Poiccard,’ due out Mar 15 in a US. The manuscript conveys their past practice in strain form while progressing a hard-rock-meets-hip-hop corner that ‘Worldwide’ carried.

Shortly before streamer to Austin to play SXSW, Siera chatted with Spinner about relocating to a US, avoiding Ramones-style exercise and a handshake that desirous a singular ‘Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap.’


Download Death Set’s ‘Yo David Chase! You P.O.V. Shot Me in a Head’ (MP3) off ‘Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap’ Free

How’d we guys get together?

The Death Set started in Australia. We orderly this debate in Australia, and we toured a f—-ing crazy nation and mislaid thousands of dollars, got super fly and had a garland of fun. Then we changed from this s—ty city to Sydney and put a design of New York on a wall and changed there.

What was it about New York or a US that desirous we to pierce and make strain there?

Essentially, we customarily wanted to tour. We looked during bands who had 30 dates in a quarrel and we’d be super envious. There are customarily dual places we can do that — a US and Europe. We wanted to debate and motionless to pierce to a US to do that.

You lived in Baltimore and Philadelphia before settling in Brooklyn. How did these places change your sound?

At a time we lived in Baltimore 3 years ago, there was a flattering rad scene. It was all about ramming 100 kids in a warehouse. The initial record takes that kind of mentality, like, “What could we do to make this like a 100-drunk-high-school-kids arrange of thing?” We took that from Baltimore, and during a time, there were a lot of rad bands entrance out, like Dan Deacon, Beach House and that arrange of thing. It was a unequivocally fun scene, though all these bands are in one city, afterwards everybody gets sealed and goes on and it kind of eliminates that scene. We were partial of all that, so we went from Baltimore and toured unequivocally tough for about 18 months.

Philly we customarily stumbled across, since a crony Spank Rock had this warehouse, and we indispensable a place to live and work, so he offering that up. We kicked it in Philly for a small bit and afterwards decided, “Why are we going to New York each other weekend? We should live there.” If we could go behind in time, we would pierce to New York true away, though I’m blissful we did that anyway.

You come from a family of musicians, though we doubt they played a same genre we play now. How did we tumble into this rough, loud, party-starting style?

I’ve always left to shows, and we would wish to put on a uncover we would like to see. It customarily comes down to that — putting myself in a assembly perspective. we try to put on that show, and we theory that’s a sound that came out like f—ing crazy and all on a floor, like fun things [as] against to showmanship. I’m not into saying f—ing wanked-out boys for 20 minutes. we customarily wish to see a show, we know?

Who influences you?

We’ve always listened to soiled dance strain and arrange of slippery s—. We all adore a golden year of hip-hop. To be brutally honest, I’m also into a Shangri-Las and a Ronettes and stuff. we like listening to aged lady groups, though we’re all super open to anything that’s good.

Did flourishing adult in Australia change your music, or are many of your influences American?

Our practice are some-more American-based. Like, a whole [idea of] furloughed in small kitchens and warehouses and crazy small galleries is unequivocally an American thing. That whole network is radically American. That’s some-more of an change formed on embankment rather than a bands we listen to. we could always contend I’ve listened to Australian strain as most as we listened to American strain customarily since it was a hometown arrange of thing, though we never gifted being in a band, [the] go-and-do-it, arrange of DIY ethic in Australia.

You new album, ‘Michel Poiccard,’ comes out in a US on Mar 15. How is this record opposite from your prior record, ‘Worldwide?’

We went by so most change and so many practice before a creation of ‘Michel Poiccard.’ The final record, like we pronounced before, was some-more about how to make kids kind of spaz, and this record is a one that we wish to step divided from a whole fealty issue. We unequivocally wanted to adult a prolongation of this since it drives me f—ing violent when we hear s—. We don’t wish to be a lo-fi band. Just out of what we’ve been by as a band, I’d like to consider a songwriting has stepped up. We weren’t frightened to try new territories.

Sophomore annals are customarily a formidable thing since we wish to keep a fans we finished on a initial record, though we also wish to step it adult and try and pierce forward. It’s kind of sum putting out a same record, like a Ramones [laughs]. We wanted to put in new ideas in a songwriting though still keep a capillary of what a Death Set is.

How did a strain ‘Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap’ come about? Are we perplexing to start a new trend with handshakes?

It’s not a trend. We’ve always finished it. It’s always been something me and my friends have been doing for a integrate of years. It’s a handshake that me and my homies do, and radically a strain came after a fact. we didn’t do a trend or anything. It’s a document, we guess.

Watch Death Set’s Video for ‘Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap’

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