How most have we spent on PSN?

General Chat Tawk about flattering most anything that doesn’t fit in a other categories.How most have we spent on PSN? Dana Olson7 65 259 1249     142011-02-19 02:01:31I was usually curious, so we went by all of my email profits given a day we got my PS3, and combined adult a amounts we spent on [...]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With ‘Rock Band’ Duets

  I’m not earnest that a latest collection of Rock Band DLC will secure, for all eternity, a trusty friendship of your beloved. Much as I’d adore to pledge that these marks will ensorcell your personal Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko, Ology simply can’t comment for a sundry low-pitched tastes and regretful dispositions of a [...]

Farewell (for Now) to Guitar Hero

Activision A stage from Guitar Hero 5. LAS VEGAS— Wednesday might be remembered as a day a song died in a video diversion business. While announcing its latest financial results, a large diversion publisher Activision Blizzard suggested that it would not recover a Guitar Hero or DJ Hero diversion this year and that it was [...]

Hip guitarist stairs into spotlight

The Tragically Hip’s Paul Langlois poses during Merchants of Green Coffee in Toronto Jan 13/11. He is compelling his solo debut, Fix This Head. (Mark O’Neill/QMI Agency) For a final 25 years, Paul Langlois has been one of dual of The Tragically Hip’s guitarists, also providing honeyed high harmonies to lead thespian Gord Downie and [...]

Is there any approach to do this RB/GH ?

EDIT: The pretension pronounced RB/GH -related, though it got cut off… Sorry Long story short: we wish to get a ultimate GH/RB hybrid (or 2 seperate games) on my PC though meaningful too most technical info (I know a bit, though we don’t know how we to do this per-say) Ok, we have been meditative [...]

Future primitives: Q/A with Grails

To get a clarity of how tough it is to supplement some formulaic modifiers to a sound of Grails, all one needs to do is demeanour during a resumes of a band’s particular members. Alex Hall has spent time operative with Neurosis guitarist Scott Von Till producing self-proclaimed “heathen psych” underneath a name Harvestman. Zak [...]