Fifty Years of Great Music: The Top 100 Artists (#45-41)

Continuing on with a countdown, currently we exhibit an underappreciated and too-little-known stone band, complicated steel titans, and more. Of course, it’s going to dissapoint some people for me to announce that 3 white Jewish guys who cut their teeth on punk stone are a best hip bound act ever. I’m certain that being white [...]

Apocalyptica turns a cello into an instrument of rage

Apocalyptica (photo: Ralf Strathmann) Eicca Toppinen is a headbanger. When a Finnish musician performs in unison with his instrumental complicated steel band, Apocalyptica, you’ll frequently find him during a feet of a stage, defeat his conduct into a cyclone, his blond thatch smacking opposite a side of his cello. That’s right — cello. In fact, [...]

Local Talent Spotlighted during OC Music Awards

Who needs a Grammys?  Down in a OC, we have their really possess awards show, featuring sparkling new talent that a folks from a Grammy cabinet substantially never even listened of…which is a shame.  The best of what a OC has to offer in folk music, blues, jazz, alternative, electronica, acoustic, metal, pop, hip hop, [...]

JUDAS PRIEST’s SCOTT TRAVIS Joins VATER Artist Family – Mar. 6, 2011

Vater has welcomed steel idol Scott Travis to a artist family. Travis is a drummer for a Grammy Award-winning complicated steel rope JUDAS PRIEST. Scott‘s prolonged and unequivocally successful pitter-patter career has also enclosed acclaimed work with FIGHT and RACER X. Scott is about to start rehearsals with JUDAS PRIEST in England for what will [...]

Magician Demo Song From New Album

Brazilian Power Metal rope MAGICIAN, who recently announced Tiago Masseti (DAYDREAM XI) as a new vocalist, is now operative on a pre-production of their second album. A demo chronicle of “The Scorching Curse”, one of a new songs, was posted online during “This is a initial Magician’s recover in a past 4 years, and [...]

Sahil, Srinivaas group adult for a speak show!