Best Cover Band

There contingency be some sorcery dirt blustering from those amps and horns. As usual, a musty fellas from Plane Jane racked adult another cover rope win. You can find some-more information during .

New CDs on a Way From Earth Quaker and Taylor Brown

The precocious, immature internal hard-rock rope 1220 has been on an unaccepted interregnum for a final several months, though 3 of a 5 members have stayed copiousness bustling with a new organisation Earth Quaker. After usually a few months together, a new rope is scheming to recover a initial CD. “We started out as a [...]

Stone Temple Tribute: Westchester Rockers Bring Audiences Back to a 90s

For many teenagers, starting a rope is a renouned experiment. Assemble friends, steal instruments, quarrel over a name, and spasmodic play music. Carlos Ferreira was no different. By fourteen he was personification in cover and strange bands around Westchester. One of his bands, Wire, got good adequate to attract courtesy from record labels, nonetheless a [...]

Win a 4 container of tickets to see The Fab Faux

Friday, Apr 15 8pm Lisner Auditorium Washington, DC Be Part of a Annual Tradition now in it’s 5th year hypnotizing DC Beatles fans. They will be behaving Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in a entirety + fan favorites! “The Fab Faux are a biggest Beatles cover band…[they] buoy a dexterity of even a many [...]

Follow up: 12 String Brewing Company

Last week we posted information about some new breweries and some designed breweries: 3 New Breweries Open, More Planned. Today we’re pity some-more information per 12 String Brewing that came to us as a criticism on that strange post. Pickin’ and Grinnin’ during 12 String Among my different and large talents, we am a guitar [...]

Phidget Brings Classic Rock to Penny Road Pub

Wanna see a good classical stone rope and still be home by 11:00?? Phidget will be personification their 80′s Classic Rock during Penny Road Pub on Friday, Mar 11, 2011 from 7:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. They are personification an early show, opening adult for a ZZ Top cover band, Eliminator. Penny Road has motionless [...]