Super Junior’s Heechul harm by fan in Shanghai concert

MANILA, Philippines – There are stalker fans and afterwards there are  a ridiculous and drifting ones that chuck things during their idols including signboards. Super Junior member Heechul got a unpleasant initial ambience of a latter when a child rope hold a Super Show 3 Asia unison debate in Shanghai, China final Mar 5. While [...]

One Direction besieged by carrots

ONE Direction are positively removing some-more than their 5 a day. Because a child rope are being besieged by base vegetables while furloughed with The X Factor finalists. The propitious boys have an army of clinging womanlike fans who whip them with carrots ornate with small faces and their write numbers. When we quizzed a [...]

Boy-band mania might fill romantic void

Add criticism Share Email Print Aa Share Tweet March 6, 2011 12:01 AM By AMY DICKINSON Ask Amy Ask Amy Amy Dickinson is a ubiquitous recommendation columnist. Email DEAR AMY: My stepdaughter has been really happily married for 10 years. When she was a teenager, she was totally smitten of a child band. Her [...]

JLS wish Rihanna

You could review a lot into that headline, and we all know that it relates to many of a masculine population, though in this box we are articulate musically rather than physically. The X Factor runners adult wish to combine with a beautiful Rihanna on their subsequent album. The organisation were in London yesterday to [...]

Gigs review: Darwin Deez, Anson Rooms, Bristol University Student Union

Description: Tweet Gigs review: Joseph Gammie checks out Darwin Deez, personification during a Anson Rooms, Bristol University Student Union   Darwin Deez came to a Anson Rooms during a University of Bristol Union and played with appetite and effect frequency seen in these parts, yet even so there seemed to be something missing.   The [...]

Japanese child rope in Nazi uniform furore

By North Asia match Mark Willacy Posted March 1, 2011 12:15:00 A heading Jewish organisation has called on a Japanese cocktail rope to apologize for appearing on TV wearing uniforms imitative those ragged by a wartime German SS. Japanese child rope Kishidan seemed on MTV wearing what looked like Nazi uniforms. In a statement, a [...]