Marching bands will do conflict on Mardi Gras

Returning this year is a krewe’s fifth-annual marching-band competition. The contest, that began as a approach to get a bands to perform some-more for a throng along a march track rather than for only a reviewing stand, will underline 10 marching bands. “It’s all about bringing a top peculiarity march to Houma on Mardi Gras [...]

Battle of a Bands leader behind in Salem on Friday

Editorial: Battle of bands to advantage propagandize song programs

In a insane lurch for income for propagandize activities, most of a courtesy is focused on core classroom programs and a large and renouned sports. Classes, that a lot of times are partial of compulsory curriculum, and sports control a lot of a arguments about appropriation from a clearly ever-dwindling pool of money. Elective classes [...]

Ernie Ball Announces 15th Annual Battle of a Bands Competition

Road-Ready Bands Nationwide Can Enter Their Best Music Starting Today For a Chance to Win Their Big Break COACHELLA, Calif., March 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Ernie Ball Inc., a world’s premier fibre and appendage manufacturer, currently announced a launch of a 15th annual Ernie Ball Battle of a Bands. In a largest and longest-running unsigned [...]

Delicious Q&A with Sound Off! Winners Tomten

Tomten! On Saturday, EMP hosted a Finals of their 10th Annual Sound-Off! competition. Over 100 entries were narrowed to 12, and those 12 were whittled down over 3 semi-finals into a final four–three semi-final winners and one wildcard–to conflict it out, cage-style during a Sky Church. In an overwhelming spin of events, a wildcard entrant–the [...]

SOP’s Battle of a Bands Featuring Alison Hinds & Shaggy with ‘Can’t Let My …

Published:March 7th, 2011 12:45 EST (”) Ask SOCA luminary ALISON HINDS what she wants her song to communicate and she replies, More than anything, I`m anticipating to display a universe to my song and for people to unequivocally conclude and contend approbation to it. It`s infectious, and happy though can still contend something and hold [...]